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MARC Record from Miami University of Ohio

Record ID marc_miami_univ_ohio/allbibs0118.out:9436502:2233
Source Miami University of Ohio
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LEADER: 02233cam 2200409Ia 4500
001 ocm22960931
005 19970804153622.0
007 hduafv---baca
007 hdubfv---baaa
008 910114s1555    xx      al    000 0 eng d
040    $aEBK$cEBK
043    $ae-uk---
049    $aMIJL
099    $aPR $a1101 $a.E37$a1793:17
110 $aEngland and Wales
240 10 $aLaws, etc
245 10 $aAnno primo & secundo Philippi & Marie$h[microform] :$bactes made at a Parliament, begon & holden at VVestminster, the eleuenth day of Nouember, in the first and seconde yere of the raigne of our soueraigne lord and lady Philip and Mary by the grace of God, Kyng and Queene of Englande, Fraunce, Naples, Hierusalem, and Irelande, defenders of the fayth, princes of Spaine & Scicile, archdukes of Austria, dukes of Millaine, Burgundye, & Brabant, counties of Hauspurge, Flaunders & Tyrol, and there continued and kept vntyll the dissolution of the same, beyng the xvi. day of Januarie then next ensuing, were enacted as foloweth
260 $aExcusum Londini :$bIn ædibus Johannis Cawodi tipographi regiæ maiestatis,$canno Domini 1555
300    $axxxiiii [i.e. 68] p
500    $aImprint from colophon
500    $a"Cum priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis."
500    $aSignatures: A⁶ B⁴ C-F⁶
500    $aTitle within ornamental border
500    $aPages numbered on recto only
500    $aNumerous errors in paging
500    $aReproduction of original in the Harvard University. Library
510 $aSTC (2nd ed.)$c9448.7
533    $aMicrofilm.$bAnn Arbor, Mich. :$cUniversity Microfilms International,$d1984.$e1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.$f(Early English books, 1475-1640 ; 1793:17)
539    $as$b1984$dmiu$en
650  0 $aLaw$zGreat Britain
710 $aEngland and Wales.$bSovereign (1553-1558 : Mary I)
740 $aActes made at a Parliament, begon and holden at VVestminster [11 Nov. 1554-16 Jan. 1555]
740 $aAnno primo et secundo Philippi et Marie
830  0 $aEarly English books, 1475-1640 ;$v1793:17
907    $a.b25885674$b07-02-07$c03-24-98
998    $amic$b03-24-98$cm$da$e-$feng$gxx $h0$i1
945    $g1$j0$limfmc$o-$p$0.00$q $r $sf$t0$u0$v0$w0$x0$y.i32403264$z03-24-98