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LEADER: 02369cam a2200265 a 4500
001   2011031263
003 DLC
005 20111213100700.0
008 110725s2011    nyu      b    001 0 eng  
010    $a 2011031263
020    $a9781609613105
040    $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
042    $apcc
050 00 $aRC280.P7$bK38 2011
082 00 $a616.99/463$223
084    $aHEA039030$2bisacsh
100 $aKatz, Aaron E.
245 14 $aThe definitive guide to prostate cancer :$beverything you need to know about conventional and integrative therapies /$cAaron E. Katz.
260    $aNew York, NY :$bRodale,$cc2011.
300    $axv, 256 p. ;$c22 cm.
520    $a"The complete guide to coping with prostate cancer, with expert health advice for every man This comprehensive handbook gives men the vital information they need to effectively navigate every step of dealing with prostate cancer. A newly diagnosed cancer patient faces a mind-numbing array of treatment options, including medical therapies that carry serious side effects--and determining the right course of action is an overwhelming task. In simple yet scientific terms, this book empowers readers with the tools they need to proactively fight cancer by making the most informed treatment decisions possible. With groundbreaking developments recently emerging in both conventional and holistic prostate cancer research, it is imperative that men fighting this disease have the absolute latest information. As founder and director of the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University, Dr. Katz is uniquely positioned to guide readers through the new practices and breakthrough treatment options for every stage of the battle with cancer, from prevention to postdiagnosis. One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime, and countless families will be affected by this widespread but ultimately curable disease. Armed with Dr. Katz's expert guidance, patients will be equipped to actively participate in reclaiming their health and navigating this difficult diagnosis"--$cProvided by publisher.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
650  0 $aProstate$xCancer$xTreatment$vPopular works.
650  7 $aHEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Cancer.$2bisacsh
856 42 $3Cover image$u