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Record ID marc_loc_updates/v37.i38.records.utf8:37771923:2391
Source Library of Congress
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LEADER: 02391nam a22003373a 4500
001   2009657880
003 DLC
005 20090921103732.0
008 960821s1962    xx            000 0deng  
010    $a 2009657880
035    $acoe96001385
040    $aDLC$cDLC
050 00 $aPN2093$b.C64 1995 no. K31
245 00 $aKismet.
260    $c1962.
300    $a1 v. (theater program).
520    $a[Shady Grove Music Fair], Lee Guber, Frank Ford, and Shelly Gross present Howard Keel in "Kismet," a musical Arabian night with Beverly Allyson, Marilyn Child, Michael Davis, Ronald Dawson, David C. Jones, Robert Gregori, Leslie Franzos and Boris Aplon, words and music by Robert Wright and George Forrest, book by Charles Lederer and Luther Davis (based on a play by Edward Knoblock), directed by Jack Sydow, choreography by Mavis Ray, musical director William Jonson, production designed by Warwick Brown, costumes designed by Peter Joseph, lighting by Lester Tapper.
500    $aShady Grove Music Fair, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 1962.
500    $aTitle devised by Library staff.
500    $aCast: Anthony Safina, Stuart Mann, Jim Lynn, Christopher Soule, Ronald Dawson, Howard Keel, Beverly Allyson, Alex Petrides, David C. Jones, Robert Gregori, Stuart Mann, Jim Lynn, Boris Alpon, Marilyn Child, Natasha Grishin, Marty Clarke, Susan Sigrist, Michael Davis, Gerrit de Beer, Lou Ann Wycoff, Leslie Franzos, Lila Herbert, Dennis Cole, Christopher Soule, Michael Grey. Music Fair ensemble: Stuart Mann, Lila Herbert, Gerrit de Beer, Nancy Jane Clark, Carl Bittenbender, Caryl Geiger, Jim Lynn, Lou Ann Wycoff, Alex Petrides, Catherine Wood, Erni Brown, Jack Leadbetter, Michael Gray, Carolyn J. Webster, Christopher Soule, Carolyn Clair, Dennis Cole Susan Sigrist, Anthony Safina.
580    $aIn: Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress).
655  7 $aTheater programs$zMaryland$zGaithersburg.$2rbgenr
655  7 $aTheater programs$y1962.$2rbgenr
700 $aKeel, Howard,$d1919-2004.
700 $aSydow, Jack.
700 $aForrest, George,$d1915-1999.
700 $aWright, Robert,$d1914-2005.$tKismet.
700 $aKnoblock, Edward,$d1874-1945.$tKismet.
710 $aRichard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)$5DLC
710 $aShady Grove Music Fair (Gaithersburg, Md.)
752    $aUnited States$bMaryland$dGaithersburg.