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MARC Record from Library of Congress

Record ID marc_loc_updates/v37.i06.records.utf8:12057611:852
Source Library of Congress
Download Link /show-records/marc_loc_updates/v37.i06.records.utf8:12057611:852?format=raw

LEADER: 00852nam a22002298a 4500
001   2009002638
003 DLC
005 20090206174939.0
008 090206s2009    nyu    c      000 1 eng  
010    $a 2009002638
020    $a9780399252181
040    $aDLC$cDLC
042    $alcac
050 00 $aPZ7.B7393$bFl 2009
082 00 $a[Fic]$222
100 $aBreathed, Berke.
245 10 $aFlawed dogs :$bthe untold account of the shocking attack on Westminster /$cBerkeley Breathed.
260    $aNew York :$bPhilomel Books,$c2009.
263    $a0909
300    $ap. cm.
520    $aAfter being framed by a jealous poodle, a dachshund is left for dead, but comes back with a group of mutts from the National Last Ditch Dog Depository to disrupt the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show and exact revenge on Cassius the poodle.
650  1 $aDogs$vFiction.