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MARC Record from Library of Congress

Record ID marc_loc_updates/v36.i30.records.utf8:17559966:1525
Source Library of Congress
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LEADER: 01525nam a2200265 a 4500
001   2008577850
003 DLC
005 20080724100425.0
008 080711s1913    enk           000 0 eng  
010    $a 2008577850
040    $aDLC$cDLC$edcrmb
041 $aeng$arom$heng
050 00 $aPK2898$b.S63 1913
100 $aSmart, Bath C.
245 10 $aEnglish-Gypsy vocabulary : index to the principal words and roots in the Gypsy-English vocabulary and its roots /$cby Bath C. Smart, M.D., and Henry Thomas Crofton.
260    $a[Bristol] :$bPrivately reprinted for the Gypsy and Folk-lore Club, 5 Hand Court, Bedford Row, London, W.C., by Messrs. Purnell & Sons, Paulton Printing Works, Bristol,$c[1913]
300    $a10 p. ;$c29 x 23 cm
500    $aDate of publication from the British Library Catalogue.
500    $aPrinted in triple columns.
500    $aFull-page advertisement on back cover for membership in the Gypsy and Folk-Lore Club, including an application form. "Objects: To promote fellowship among those interested in Gypsies and Gypsies themselves. To encourage study of, and conversation in the Romani language. To promote a greater interest in the study of folk-lore generally."
510 $aBLC to 1975,$cvol. 198, p. 501; vol. 305, p. 24
500    $aForms part of the personal library materials in the Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collection.$5DLC
650  0 $aEnglish language$xDictionaries$xRomani.
700 $aCrofton, H. T.$q(Henry Thomas),$db. 1848.
710 $aGypsy and Folk-Lore Club.