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MARC Record from Library of Congress

Record ID marc_loc_updates/v36.i12.records.utf8:12937780:1880
Source Library of Congress
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LEADER: 01880nam a22002898a 4500
001   2008011082
003 DLC
005 20080320161256.0
008 080311s2008    mnu           001 0 eng  
010    $a 2008011082
020    $a9780816653324 (hc : alk. paper)
020    $a9780816653331 (pb : alk. paper)
040    $aDLC$cDLC
043    $an-us---
050 00 $aJK2281$b.B62 2008
082 00 $a324.70973$222
100 $aBlodgett, Jeff,$d1961-
245 10 $aWinning your election the Wellstone way :$ba comprehensive guide for candidates and campaign workers /$cJeff Blodgett and Bill Lofy ; with Ben Goldfarb, Erik Peterson, and Sujata Tejwani.
260    $aMinneapolis :$bUniversity of Minnesota Press,$cc2008.
263    $a0807
300    $ap. cm.
500    $aIncludes index.
505 $aAbout this book / Jeff Blodgett -- Running to win: qualities of good candidates and managers -- Writing a campaign plan and laying out a path to victory -- Creating a message and delivering it to your audience -- Identifying your base, swing voters, and opponents through voter targeting -- How to build your base and use it for direct voter contact -- Using direct mail to reinforce your message and target specific voters -- Reaching voters through paid advertising -- Working with reporters and communicating your message through earned media -- Raising money and knowing how to spend it -- Getting to know your candidate and understanding your opponent -- Maximizing the candidate's time with smart scheduling -- Getting the most out of technology -- The campaign manager: what it takes to run a successful race -- Turning out our voters by getting out the vote -- You won. Now what? -- Acknowledgments -- Index.
650  0 $aPolitical campaigns$zUnited States.
650  0 $aCampaign management$zUnited States.
610 10 $aWellstone, Paul David.
700 $aLofy, Bill.