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MARC Record from The Laurentian Library

Record ID marc_laurentian/openlibrary.mrc:510124145:721
Source The Laurentian Library
Download Link /show-records/marc_laurentian/openlibrary.mrc:510124145:721?format=raw

LEADER: 00721nam 2200193 a 4500
001 18-9949631
005 19970820081910.0
008 970701s1970    onc          u000 0 eng u
035    $a(Sirsi) a537663
035    $a(Sirsi) 18-9949631
040    $dUtOrBLW
084    $a+CA2 ON PS12 70C56$2cncodoc
110 $aOntario.$bDept. of the Provincial Secretary and Citizenship.$bCommunity Development Branch.
245 00 $aConference Planning For Involvement.
260    $aS.l. :$bs.n,$c1970.
596    $a1
949    $aCA2 ON PS12 70C56$wLC$i30007003540803$rY$tDOCUMENTS$lDESM-DOC$mDESMARAIS$xPAMPHLET
349    $apamphlet
999    $aCA2 ON PS12 70C56$wLC$c1$i30007003540803$lDESM-DOC$mDESMARAIS$rY$sY$tDOCUMENTS$u12/6/2003$xPAMPHLET