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MARC Record from Ithaca College Library

Record ID marc_ithaca_college/ic_marc.mrc:184320915:967
Source Ithaca College Library
Download Link /show-records/marc_ithaca_college/ic_marc.mrc:184320915:967?format=raw

LEADER: 00967cam a2200241Ia 45e0
001 281588
005 20020326141726.0
008 020301s2001    nyu           000 f eng d
035    $a48540387
040    $aJIU$cJIU$dIUL$dXIM
020    $a0375414819
090    $aPR9199.3.M494$bF56 2001
049    $aXIMM
100 $aMistry, Rohinton,$d1952-
245 12 $aA fine balance :$ba novel /$cby Rohinton Mistry.
250    $a[1st American ed.]
260    $aNew York :$bAlfred A. Knopf,$c2001.
300    $a603 p. ;$c25 cm.
520    $aA portrait of India featuring four characters. Two are tailors who are forcibly sterilized, one is a student who emigrates, and the fourth is a widowed seamstress who decides to hang on. A tale of cruelty, political thuggery and despair by an Indian from Toronto, author of Such a Long Journey.
651  0 $aIndia$xHistory$y1947-$vFiction.
655  7 $aHistorical fiction.$2gsafd
655  7 $aDomestic fiction.$2lcsh
994    $aE0$bXIM