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MARC Record from Binghamton University

Record ID marc_binghamton_univ/bgm_openlib_final_0-5.mrc:312622181:974
Source Binghamton University
Download Link /show-records/marc_binghamton_univ/bgm_openlib_final_0-5.mrc:312622181:974?format=raw

LEADER: 00974nam 2200265v 4500
001 BIN01-000330567
005 20071122074337.0
008 851121r19621892nyu           00110aeng c
010    $a 62012834
035    $a(RLIN)NYBG85-B39824
035 $aABM2267$bSB
040    $aKent St Univ Lib$dCStRLIN$dPPT
043    $an-us---$an-us-md
099    $aE449.D744 1962b
100 $aDouglass, Frederick,$d1818-1895.
245 10 $aLife and times of Frederick Douglass, written by himself;$bhis early life as a slave, his escape from bondage, and his complete history. With a new introd. by Rayford W. Logan.
260    $aNew York,$bCollier-Macmillan$c[1962]
300    $a640 p.$c21 cm.
490 $aCollier books
500    $aIncludes index.
500    $aReprinted from the rev. ed. published in 1892.
650  0 $aAntislavery movements$zUnited States.
650  0 $aSlavery$zMaryland.
852 00 $aBIN$bBINMA$cMAIN$hE449$i.D744 1962b$91
945    $d04/06/89$nNSL jh 4/00