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MARC record from Internet Archive

LEADER: 02457cam a2200433 a 45 0
001 a808825
001 DAT2813
008 880304s1557    sz            00010 heb d
035    $a(RLIN)UTBG88-B7014
035    $a(NRN)DAT2813
040    $aUPB$cUPB$ebdrb
041 $alat$hheb
090    $a226.2$bH35m 1557$i08/23/88 T
130 $aBible.$pN.T.$pMatthew.$lHebrew.$sMünster.$f1557.
245 10 $aTorat ha-mashi'ah :$bEuangelium secundum Matthaeum in lingua Hebraica, cum uersione Latina, atque annotationibus Seb. Munsteri =$bHinnah lakhem ha-meshihiyim ve-ha-yehudiyim torat ha-Elohim hadashah u-kedoshah u-teminah ha-Nikhtavah ʻal yede Matti hamevaser bi-leshon ha-kodesh ʻal l [sic] limud ve-ʻal ḥayyim shel Adonenu Yeshuʻa ha-Mashiaḥ ʻim ʻatakah bi-leshon Romiyi ve-'im kotser ha-perushim : vnà cum epistola D. Pauli ad Hebraeos, Hebraicè & Latinè.
260 $aBasileae :$bApvd Henrichvm Petri,$c1557.
300    $a[16], 396 [64] p. ;$c16 cm. (8vo)
500    $aSignatures: aa, A-Z, a-b⁸, AA-DD⁸ (DD⁷,⁸ blank).
500    $aColophon: Basileae, per Henrichvm Petri, anno M. D. LVII. mense Avgvsto.
500    $aLatin and Hebrew in parallel columns.
500    $aPrinter's device on the final leaf of the first section.
500    $aHebrew, Roman and italic types; historiated initials.
500    $aSecond edition, but first to include the Hebrew version of Paul's epistle. First published in 1537.
500    $aIncludes Münster's dedication to Henry VIII, which was reprinted from the first edition.
500    $aBased on an imperfect manuscript copy made in the fourteenth century, for polemical purposes, by Shem Tov ben Shaprut, a Jew of Tudela in Castile.
596    $a9
700 11 $aMünster, Sebastian,$d1489-1552,$eed.$4edt
700 10 $aPetri, Heinrich,$d1508-1579,$eprinter.$4prt
730 $aBible.$pN.T.$pMatthew.$lLatin.$f1557.
730 $aBible.$pN.T.$pHebrews.$lHebrew.$f1557.
730 $aBible.$pN.T.$pHebrews.$lLatin.$f1557.
740 01 $aEvangalivm secvndvm Matthaevm in lingva Hebraica cvm versione Latina.
740 10 $aEuangelium secundum Matthaeum in ligua Hebraica cum versione latina.
752    $aSwitzerland$dBasel
988    $a9/2/1988$b6/2/1994$c9/2/1988
989 1D $a226.2 H35m 1557$wDEWEY$hvau$o.COMMENT. c;schreiber;$950.00;pa;lh$51/0
950    $lVAU$h03/04/88 C
955    $lVAU$c1$h03/04/88 C
926    $aSPEC-COLL$bVAULT$c226.2 H35m 1557$dNON-CIRC$f1