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LEADER: 00739cam 2200145 a 4500
001 28816
008 860510s1651    enk           00000 eng u
035    $a(CStRLIN)NJPT07768192X
035    $9AAD1079PS
100 10 $aFirmin, Giles,$d1614-1697.
245 12 $aA serious question stated :$bviz., Whether the ministers of England are bound by the Word of God to baptize the children of all such parents which say they believe in Jesus Christ; but are grosly ignorant, scandalous in their conversations, scoffers at Godliness, and refuse to submit to church-discipline ...
260 $aLondon :$bPrinted by R.I. for Stephen Bowtell,$c1651.
300    $a38 p. ;$c19 cm.
650  0 $aInfant baptism$xControversial literature.
730 $aBaptism controversy collection