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MARC record from Internet Archive

LEADER: 01249nam 2200229I 4500
001 ocm12163701
005 19971020192129.0
008 850617s1843    stkb          00000 eng d
040    $aRCE$cRCE$dm/c$dIMF
049 $aIMFG
090    $aDA865$b.F49
092    $a941.003$bF49d
100 10 $aFindlay, James.$wcn.
245 10 $aDirectory to gentlemen's seats, villages &c. in Scotland:$bgiving the counties in which they are situated - the post-towns to which each is attached - and the name of the resident.$cTo which is added, a table showing the despatch and arrival of the mails at the head and sub-offices throughout Scotland; also, every information respecting the transmission of letters to all foreign parts. With a new map of Scotland, engr, ... by Lizar. Collected and arr. by James Findlay.
260 $aEdinburgh, W.P. Kennedy [1843]
300    $a4 p. l., 350. [1] p.$bfold. map$c22 cm.
500    $ap. [313]-350: advertising matter.
651  0 $aScotland$xDirectories.
913 00 $aFINDTGS99000
949    $a941.003 F49d$wDEWEY$hGEN-84$i31833008583517$e02/22/1990$oNOTE.STORAGE$p33.24
596    $a16
999    $a941.003 F49D$wDEWEY$c1$i31833008583517$d12/11/1998$e2/22/1990$lGENEALOGY$mGENEALOGY$p$33.24$rN$sY$tBOOK$u12/11/1998$x84$zADULT