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MARC Record from bcl_marc

Record ID bcl_marc/bcl_open.02.mrc:372529431:1136
Source bcl_marc
Download Link /show-records/bcl_marc/bcl_open.02.mrc:372529431:1136?format=raw

LEADER: 01136cam 2200253La 4500
004 BPU0365
005 20000524094800.0
008 820413s1979    sz a          000 0 eng d
035    $a(OCoLC)ocm13954469
035 $aBPU0365
040    $aGTX$cGTX$dBXF
049    $aBXFF
090    $aBV676$b.C65
245 00 $aWe listened long, before we spoke :$ba consultation of the Sub-unit on Women in Church and Society of the World Council of Churches.
260    $aGeneva, Switzerland :$bWorld Council of Churches,$cc1979.
300    $a56 p. :$bill. ;$c24 cm.
500    $a"A report of the Consultation of Women Theological Students, Cartigny, Switzerland, July 1978."
500    $a"Women theological students talk about theology, ministry, spirituality, vocation, mission, theological education and their dreams for the future of the Church."
650  0 $aWomen seminarians$vCongresses.
650  0 $aWomen in church work$vCongresses.
710 $aWorld Council of Churches.$bSub-unit on Women in Church and Society.
852 00 $aMChB$bNEDL$cNBPT$hBV676$i.C65$91
948    $aLTI 08/08/2000
949    $aBXFF$b39031022938831$jNORTHERN BAPTIST