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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
John Sharp, 2 books
Gregorio Impavido, 2 books
John McDonagh, 2 books
Chris Rees, 2 books
Andrew Benito, 2 books
Taylor, Bill, 2 books
Lynne Robinson, 2 books
Oreste Tristani, 2 books
Marek Korczynski, 2 books
Kevin Quigley, 2 books
Anne Surma, 2 books
Judith Evans, 2 books
Mario A. Maggioni, 2 books
Clark Lawlor, 2 books
Norman Blackett, 2 books
Maurizio Bussolo, 2 books
Barbara Merrill, 2 books
Dominic Head, 2 books
Marco Mazzoli, 2 books
Rosemary Aris, 2 books
Peter Gardner, 2 books
M. J. Conyon, 2 books
Azizan Bin Bahari, 2 books
Jon Cruddas, 2 books
M. O. J. Thomas, 2 books

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