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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Heinrich Mann, 11 books
Franz Werfel, 5 books
Rex William Last, 3 books
Roger Broad, 3 books
Masereel, Frans, 3 books
Georg Simmel, 2 books
Medard Boss, 2 books
Hans Buchheim, 2 books
Hermann Mau, 2 books
Helga Grebing, 2 books
Heinz David Leuner, 2 books
Ernst Toller, 2 books
Willi Finger-Hain, 2 books
James Martin Lindsay, 2 books
Carl Ehrenstein, 2 books
Paula Modersohn-Becker, 2 books
Ernst Weiß, 2 books
E. J. Feuchtwanger, 2 books
Klimke., 2 books
Julius von Minutoli, 2 books
J. M. Ritchie, 2 books
Gustav Meyrink, 2 books
Anselm Friedrich Feuerbach, 2 books
Herbert Eulenberg, 2 books
E. J. Feuchtwanger, 2 books

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