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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jackson J. Spielvogel, 11 books
Wadsworth, 10 books
Eleanor Noss Whitney, 9 books
Mack C. Shelley II, 9 books
Cecie Starr, 7 books
Herbert Zettl, 7 books
John M. Murrin, 7 books
Shirley Biagi, 5 books
John N. Gardner, 5 books
Gerald Corey, 5 books
Michael A. Seeds, 5 books
Beth Henschen, 5 books
Reich, 5 books
Cannistraro, 5 books
Edward Sidlow, 5 books
Tim Duffy, 4 books
James M. McPherson, 4 books
G. Tyler Miller, 4 books
Earl R. Babbie, 4 books
Wayne Weiten, 4 books
Dennis Coon, 4 books
James Stewart, 4 books
Paul E. Johnson, 4 books
Wendy Kohn, 4 books
Arthur J. Kohn, 4 books


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