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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Fiona Watt, 141 books
Heather Amery, 127 books
Felicity Brooks, 73 books
Stephen Cartwright, 54 books
Phil Roxbee Cox, 41 books
Jenny Tyler, 33 books
Ray Gibson, 33 books
Angela Wilkes, 32 books
Colin King, 31 books
Kirsteen Rogers, 23 books
Philip Hawthorn, 23 books
Judy Tatchell, 22 books
Lesley Sims, 22 books
Carol Watson, 20 books
Sam Taplin, 19 books
Theresa Dowswell, 19 books
Anne Civardi, 19 books
Sue Mongredien, 18 books
Katie Daynes, 18 books
Susan Meredith, 18 books
Jane Bingham, 16 books
Alastair Smith, 16 books
Anthony Marks, 16 books
Emily Bone, 15 books
Jessica Greenwell, 15 books


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