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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gwen Costello, 27 books
William J. Bausch, 25 books
Isaias Powers, 18 books
Joseph G. Donders, 16 books
Mary Kathleen Glavich, 13 books
Melannie Svoboda, 11 books
Stephen J. Binz, 11 books
Bill Huebsch, 11 books
Jean Maalouf, 10 books
Bill Coleman, 8 books
Alison Berger, 8 books
Nancy Cocks, 8 books
Patty Coleman, 7 books
Greg Dues, 7 books
Brennan Hill, 6 books
Twenty-Third Publications, 6 books
Phyllis Vos Wezeman, 6 books
Gerard A. Vanderhaar, 6 books
Deborah McCann, 5 books
William V. Coleman, 5 books
Marie McIntyre, 5 books
Peg Bowman, 5 books
Antoinette Bosco, 5 books
Dick Westley, 5 books
James Philipps, 4 books


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