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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Arnold Goldberg, 25 books
Melvin Bornstein, 22 books
Jerome Winer, 11 books
L. Bryce Boyer, 10 books
Joseph D. Lichtenberg, 8 books
Paul E. Stepansky, 7 books
Estelle Shane, 6 books
Donald Silver, 5 books
Kirkland C. Vaughns, 5 books
Robert D. Stolorow, 5 books
Peter Kutter, 4 books
George E. Atwood, 4 books
Frank M. Lachmann, 4 books
Aaron Esman, 4 books
Lois Flaherty, 4 books
Howard B. Levine, 4 books
Eloise M Agger, 4 books
Jerome A. Winer, 4 books
Morton Shane, 4 books
Diana Diamond, 4 books
Lewis Aron, 4 books
Gordon Wheeler, 3 books
Jack Drescher, 3 books
James L. Fosshage, 3 books
Bornstein, 3 books

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