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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
J. Lesourne, 16 books
Peter Charles Hoffer, 15 books
Paul Finkelman, 11 books
F.H. Wittmann, 11 books
Balasubramaniam, 11 books
Aaron S. Klieman, 11 books
Krzysztof Iniewski, 10 books
Waldemar Karwowski, 10 books
Singh, 9 books
Bryan Spain, 9 books
Davis Langdon, 9 books
Isaiah Friedman, 9 books
Michael J. Cohen, 9 books
Theodore Reff, 8 books
Varma, 8 books
Pande, 8 books
Wittke, 8 books
Barnes Et, 8 books
Jozef Goldblat, 8 books
Asim Kurjak, 8 books
Jorge Rabassa, 7 books
United Nations., 7 books
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute., 7 books
Steven T. Ross, 7 books
Jerome Z. Litt, 7 books


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