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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Angelika Taschen, 66 books
Philip Jodidio, 66 books
Taschen America, Inc., 64 books
Gilles Néret, 49 books
Taschen Publishing, 49 books
Charlotte Fiell, 44 books
Jim Heimann, 40 books
Peter Fiell, 38 books
Julius Wiedemann, 36 books
Gilles Néret, 34 books
Dian Hanson, 22 books
Ingo F. Walther, 22 books
Barbara Stoeltie, 21 books
TASCHEN, 21 books
Rose-Marie Hagen, 19 books
Rene Stoeltie, 19 books
Norbert Wolf, 17 books
Paul Duncan, 16 books
Frans Lanting, 16 books
Christiane Reiter, 16 books
Henri Stierlin, 15 books
Jurgen Muller, 14 books
Uta Grosenick, 14 books
Jacob Baal-Teshuva, 13 books
Rainer Hagen, 11 books

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