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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Elmer Kelton, 5 books
Judy Alter, 5 books
Smith, C. W., 3 books
Donley Watt, 3 books
Patrick Dearen, 3 books
Dan Jenkins, 3 books
Don Graham, 3 books
Tom Hardy, 2 books
Mary Rogers, 2 books
David Theis, 2 books
Jon McConal, 2 books
Paul F. Boller, 2 books
Carl H. Moneyhon, 2 books
King, Larry L., 2 books
Jan Jones, 2 books
Gerald Duff, 2 books
Marian L. Martinello, 2 books
David M. Parsons, 2 books
Bryan Woolley, 2 books
Mike Kearby, 2 books
Billy Bob Hill, 2 books
Janis P. Stout, 2 books
Robert Flynn, 2 books
Elizabeth Murfee, 2 books
Mark Busby, 2 books

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