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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Günter Grass, 54 books
Bernt Engelmann, 21 books
Klaus Staeck, 16 books
Oskar Negt, 13 books
Roni Horn, 8 books
Tacita Dean, 8 books
Günther Schwarberg, 8 books
Uta Brandes, 8 books
Loest, Erich., 8 books
Dirk Reinartz, 7 books
François-Marie Banier, 7 books
Robert Frank, 7 books
Karl Lagerfeld, 7 books
Urs Stahel, 6 books
Joel Sternfeld, 6 books
Günter Wallraff, 6 books
Richard Serra, 5 books
Michel Comte, 5 books
Robert Frank, 5 books
Robert Polidori, 5 books
Sarah Kirsch, 5 books
Roland Scotti, 4 books
Christof Hamann, 4 books
Rolf Schneider, 4 books
Michael Ruetz, 4 books

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