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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Edmunds Publications, 13 books
Marion Chesney, 11 books
Blanche Knott, 11 books
Warren Murphy, 11 books
Jeff Rovin, 8 books
Veronica Sattler, 6 books
William Badnow, 6 books
Pamela Weintraub, 5 books
Eugene Izzi, 4 books
Robert Vaughan, 4 books
Edmunds, 4 books
Michael G., Ph.D. Samet, 4 books
Peter Capstick, 4 books
Rosamunde Pilcher, 3 books
Jim Defelice, 3 books
Daniel Ransom, 3 books
Jane Bonander, 3 books
William P. Kennedy, 3 books
Suds Lanigan, 3 books
L. S. Riker, 3 books
Peter Bowen, 3 books
Morris West, 3 books
Lionel Davidson, 3 books
Mary Kittredge, 3 books
Jack Gregory, 3 books

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