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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Green, J. D., 676 books
Joanne Partis, 385 books
Steve Smallman, 341 books
Eric James, 316 books
Put Me In The Story, 250 books
Julia Seal, 250 books
Robert Dunn, 226 books
Marianne Richmond, 188 books
Katherine Sully, 137 books
Lisa Alderson, 121 books
Jo Parry, 120 books
Dubravka Kolanovic, 106 books
Hazel Quintanilla, 103 books
Rose Rossner, 91 books
Wendi Silvano, 76 books
Mari Lobo, 69 books
Sandra Magsamen, 67 books
Grace Burrowes, 67 books
Marina Le Ray, 66 books
Sourcebooks, 66 books
Louise Martin, 65 books
Laura Baker, 64 books
Gabriele Tafuni, 62 books
Mark Warda, 61 books
Karl West, 59 books

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