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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Kim McCosker, 15 books
Catherine Coulter, 10 books
Michael Mosley, 7 books
Marjory Fainges, 7 books
Sara Foster, 6 books
Robyn Harding, 4 books
Steve Biddulph, 4 books
Richard Beasley, 4 books
Jean Woolston-Hamey, 4 books
J. T. Ellison, 4 books
Gary Khor, 3 books
Kit Laughlin, 3 books
Paul Fenton-Smith, 3 books
Eva Tummel, 3 books
Trees Tra, 3 books
Ted Prior, 3 books
Sylvia Wilson, 3 books
John Mason, 3 books
Clare Bailey, 3 books
Patricia A. Thompson, 3 books
Karen M. Davis, 3 books
Sue Smethurst, 3 books
Terence J. Quinn, 3 books
Lauren Chater, 3 books
Tania Blanchard, 3 books

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