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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sierra Club Books, 15 books
Sierra Club, 15 books
John Muir, 12 books
Galen Rowell, 11 books
David Rains Wallace, 9 books
Candace Sherk Savage, 8 books
John Annerino, 7 books
Rosalind Creasy, 6 books
Steve Roper, 6 books
Thomas Mary Berry, 5 books
Perry, John, 5 books
Freeman Patterson, 5 books
Richard Bangs, 4 books
Margery Facklam, 4 books
Douglas H. Chadwick, 4 books
Michael Berrill, 4 books
Marc Lappé, 4 books
Wayne Grady, 4 books
Barbara Bash, 4 books
Galen A. Rowell, 4 books
Art Davidson, 4 books
William E. Reifsnyder, 3 books
Robert Busch, 3 books
Allen Steck, 3 books
Linda Johns, 3 books


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