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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Parsons, Robert, 15 books
John Milton, 13 books
Richard Broughton, 11 books
Ben Jonson, 10 books
Preston, Thomas, 10 books
Floyd, John, 9 books
Thomas Harding, 8 books
Richard Smith, 8 books
Lawrence Anderton, 8 books
Samuel Johnson LL.D., 8 books
Allen, William, 7 books
Christopher Marlowe, 7 books
Thomas Kyd, 7 books
Thomas Campion, 7 books
Thomas Dekker, 6 books
Thomas Fitzherbert, 6 books
Nash, Thomas, 6 books
Thomas Dorman, 6 books
Persons, Robert, 6 books
Alexander Pope, 6 books
Henry Hawkins, 6 books
John Dryden, 5 books
Francis de Sales, 5 books
Edmund Spenser, 5 books
Matthew Kellison, 5 books

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