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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Glazier Ira A.TH, 34 books
Glazier Ira A., 33 books
Anthony Slide, 16 books
James Robert Parish, 16 books
John Castagno, 15 books
Isabel Schon, 14 books
Myron J. Smith, 13 books
Tetsumaro Hayashi, 13 books
Harold S. Sharp, 12 books
Frank W. Hoffmann, 12 books
Berton Coffin, 11 books
Jeanetta Boswell, 11 books
Nigel West, 10 books
Jane Clapp, 9 books
Michael R. Pitts, 9 books
Ira A. Glazier, 9 books
J. P. Wearing, 9 books
Robert B. Harmon, 9 books
Kujoth, Jean Spealman., 8 books
Kenneth E. Rowe, 8 books
Marsha C. Appel, 8 books
Herbert S. Strean, 8 books
Howard Good, 8 books
William A. Katz, 8 books
Edward Mapp, 7 books

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