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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rosen Publishing Group, 34 books
Marie Rogers, 32 books
Greg Roza, 31 books
Chris Hayhurst, 28 books
Holly Cefrey, 20 books
Rob Kirkpatrick, 18 books
Elizabeth Vogel, 16 books
Mark Beyer, 15 books
Fred Ramen, 15 books
Jennifer Viegas, 15 books
Kenneth Adams, 15 books
Gary Jeffrey, 14 books
Jason Porterfield, 14 books
Ross Davies, 14 books
Suzanne J. Murdico, 14 books
Therese Shea, 13 books
Kerri O'Donnell, 13 books
Tracie Egan, 13 books
Allison Stark Draper, 13 books
Barbara Moe, 13 books
Allan B. Cobb, 13 books
Rachael Morlock, 13 books
Adrienne Wheeler, 13 books
Simone Payment, 12 books
Joann Jovinelly, 12 books

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