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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Frank Gruber, 20 books
Philip Wylie, 13 books
D. E. Stevenson, 12 books
Faith Baldwin, 11 books
Mary Roberts Rinehart, 11 books
Wilson Tucker, 11 books
Hugh Lawrence Nelson, 10 books
William Ard, 9 books
Jerry Sohl, 8 books
Henry Semat, 8 books
Webb, Jack, 8 books
Burke Davis, 8 books
May Sarton, 8 books
Fredric Wertham, 7 books
Allen Louis Edwards, 6 books
Arnold Waldemar Johnson, 6 books
William Ebenstein, 6 books
Margaret Kennedy, 5 books
Hervey Allen, 5 books
M. E. Chaber, 5 books
Cornell Woolrich, 5 books
Walter Karig, 5 books
Ralph Nading Hill, 5 books
Jack Rolf Britton, 5 books
Louis De Vries, 4 books


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