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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Michel Beauvais, 6 books
Nathalie Cousin, 3 books
Philippe Asseray, 3 books
Robert Elger, 3 books
Roland Motte, 3 books
Maryline Motte, 3 books
Caroline Guézille, 3 books
Bénédicte Boudassou, 2 books
Jean-Yves Prat, 2 books
Noémie Vialard, 2 books
Gilles Fert, 2 books
Marica Zottino, 2 books
Adeline Pham, 2 books
Maud Bihan, 2 books
Axel Kahn, 1 book
Yves-Marie Allain, 1 book
Minouche Pastier, 1 book
Philippe Bonduel, 1 book
Julie Charles, 1 book
Michel Luchesi, 1 book
Laurent Bessol, 1 book
Rosenn Le Page, 1 book
Franck Schmitt, 1 book
Claire Curt, 1 book
Carole Hardouin, 1 book

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