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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Pierre Guiraud, 28 books
Henri Bergson, 25 books
George, Pierre., 23 books
Roland Mousnier, 15 books
Maurice Duverger, 15 books
Jean Piaget, 14 books
Gaston Bachelard, 14 books
Pierre George, 13 books
André Cresson, 13 books
Émile Durkheim, 12 books
Joseph Calmette, 11 books
Claude Delmas, 11 books
Gilles Deleuze, 11 books
Philippe van Tieghem, 10 books
Maurice Descotes, 10 books
Henri Michel, 10 books
Jean Brun, 10 books
Jean Fourastié, 10 books
Alain, 10 books
Chauchard, Paul, 9 books
Verdun L. Saulnier, 9 books
René Lalou, 9 books
Pierre Maillet, 9 books
Gabriel Chevallier, 9 books
André Cresson, 8 books


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