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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Andy Hunt, 10 books
Dave Thomas, 9 books
Venkat Subramaniam, 7 books
Chad Fowler, 7 books
Sam Ruby, 5 books
Johanna Rothman, 4 books
David B. Copeland, 4 books
Brian P. Hogan, 4 books
Dave Thomas, 3 books
Ed Burnette, 3 books
Maik Schmidt, 3 books
Jose Valim, 3 books
Joe Kutner, 3 books
Chris Strom, 3 books
Mike Riley, 2 books
Mike Clark, 2 books
Daniel Steinberg, 2 books
Jeff Langr, 2 books
Justin Gehtland, 2 books
Stuart Dabbs Halloway, 2 books
Jim Wilson, 2 books
Paul Gries, 2 books
Noel Rappin, 2 books
Neal Ford, 2 books
Esther Derby, 2 books

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