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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
J. D. Hardin, 7 books
John Cleve, 6 books
Charlotte Lamb, 6 books
Jake Logan, 5 books
St. James, Blakely., 3 books
Alberto Moravia, 3 books
Stephen King, 3 books
Lisa Tuttle, 2 books
Rosalie Minkow, 2 books
Dennis Etchison, 2 books
Norah Hess, 2 books
Charles L. Grant, 2 books
Roberta Gellis, 2 books
Steve Rasnic Tem, 2 books
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, 2 books
Maggie Gladstone, 2 books
Linda C. Gray, 2 books
Alan Dean Foster, 2 books
Susanna Rosse, 2 books
Blakeley St. James, 2 books
R. A. Lafferty, 2 books
J. Michael Reaves, 2 books
Eleanora DeVincent, 2 books
Victor Milán, 2 books
Frances Meritt Stern, 1 book

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