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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Richard Phillips Feynman, 17 books
Rick Steves, 5 books
James F. Fries, 5 books
Victor Hugo, 4 books
Jeanne Murphy, 3 books
Thomas Sowell, 3 books
Allan A. Kennedy, 3 books
William Bridges, 3 books
Charlotte Preston, 3 books
Martin Meredith, 3 books
Michael Eric Dyson, 3 books
Trevor Dunton, 3 books
T. Berry Brazelton, 3 books
Donald M. Vickery, 3 books
Mernissi, Fatima., 3 books
Marvin Grosswirth, 2 books
Bill Jensen, 2 books
Ian Stewart, 2 books
Jeffrey Zygmont, 2 books
Andrea J. Buchanan, 2 books
Calvin C. Clawson, 2 books
Marshall H. Klaus, 2 books
Robert G. Cooper, 2 books
Colin Bruce, 2 books
John L. Casti, 2 books

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