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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Stanley Weintraub, 12 books
Joseph Strelka, 9 books
Laurent Le Sage, 8 books
David Carrier, 8 books
George Bernard Shaw, 8 books
Paul Barolsky, 7 books
Leo G. Mazow, 5 books
Douglas N. Walton, 5 books
Martin Burgess Green, 5 books
Michael Gelven, 5 books
Philip Young, 5 books
Reid, Thomas, 5 books
Michael Bezilla, 5 books
Todd May, 5 books
Giancarlo Maiorino, 5 books
William Pencak, 5 books
Maria J. Falco, 4 books
T. A. Toussoun, 4 books
James Elkins, 4 books
Joseph Margolis, 4 books
Lou Charnon-Deutsch, 4 books
Heinz K. Henisch, 4 books
Gerard J. Brault, 4 books
Lynn Staley, 4 books
Henry W. Shoemaker, 4 books


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