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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Penguin Books Staff, 327 books
Sydney Omarr, 148 books
Nora Roberts, 109 books
Doodle Art, 63 books
Beatrix Potter, 62 books
Catherine Coulter, 57 books
Stuart Woods, 57 books
Christine Feehan, 43 books
Ralph Compton, 38 books
Clive Cussler, 35 books
Price, Stern, Sloan Publishing Staff, 33 books
Nancy E. Krulik, 33 books
Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress) Staff, 33 books
C. B. Colby, 31 books
Unknown, 28 books
William E. Butterworth III, 27 books
Consumer Guide Editors, 27 books
Laura Childs, 26 books
Alan Alexander Milne, 25 books
Laurell K. Hamilton, 25 books
Mickey Spillane, 24 books
Roald Dahl, 24 books
Harlan Coben, 24 books
Who HQ, 24 books
Lin Oliver, 23 books

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