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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gloriae Dei Cantores, 13 books
Solesmes, 11 books
Carol Showalter, 7 books
Jon M. Sweeney, 7 books
Scot McKnight, 6 books
Wayne Weible, 6 books
Bernard Bangley, 6 books
Jamie Buckingham, 5 books
Paraclete Press, 5 books
Frederica Mathewes-Green, 5 books
Hal McElwaine Helms, 5 books
J.E Buckingham, 4 books
Emilie Griffin, 4 books
Joyce Denham, 3 books
Monks of Solesmes, 3 books
Henry L. Carrigan, 3 books
Cantores, 3 books
J. Brent Bill, 3 books
Sophie Piper, 2 books
Carmen Acevedo Butcher, 2 books
Frederick Buechner, 2 books
R. Benson, 2 books
Scott Cairns, 2 books
Debra K. Farrington, 2 books
Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, 2 books

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