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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jaime Manrique, 5 books
Jane Delynn, 4 books
Michael Lassell, 3 books
Jane Lazarre, 2 books
Miguel Covarrubias, 2 books
Allen, Roberta, 2 books
Erasmo Guerra, 2 books
Juana Inés de la Cruz Sister, 1 book
Joe Westmoreland, 1 book
Beth Enson, 1 book
Field, Edward, 1 book
Joan Larkin, 1 book
Dean Kostos, 1 book
Rosanne Wasserman, 1 book
Susan Baran, 1 book
Emanuel Xavier, 1 book
Scott Gibson, 1 book
Paul Harris, 1 book
Tom Carey, 1 book
Jane DeLynn, 1 book
Bea Gates, 1 book
Gerry Pearlberg, 1 book
Iris Martin, 1 book
Schmidt, Paul, 1 book
Kevin Killian, 1 book


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