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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
David Nicolle, 72 books
Steven Zaloga, 65 books
Gordon L. Rottman, 64 books
Angus Konstam, 43 books
Rene Chartrand, 38 books
Stephen Turnbull, 36 books
Gordon Williamson, 36 books
Jerry Scutts, 33 books
Philip Haythornthwaite, 30 books
Philip Katcher, 26 books
Marcus Cowper, 23 books
John Weal, 23 books
Stuart Reid, 23 books
Christopher Gravett, 23 books
Mike Chappell, 22 books
Nigel Thomas, 19 books
Simon Dunstan, 19 books
Steven J. Zaloga, 18 books
Nic Fields, 18 books
Terence Wise, 17 books
Ian Knight, 16 books
Ron Field, 15 books
Tony Holmes, 15 books
Martin Windrow, 15 books
Mark Stille, 14 books

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