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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Switzerland., 19 books
Switzerland, 15 books
Selina Chönz, 12 books
Franz Marti, 10 books
Jean Rodolphe de Salis, 9 books
Max Pulver, 8 books
Adolf Steiner, 7 books
Jakob Eschenmoser, 6 books
Peter Willen, 6 books
Karsten Bredemeier, 6 books
Verena Gurtner, 5 books
Pahlen, Kurt, 5 books
Aram Mattioli, 5 books
Armin Seiler, 5 books
Werner Catrina, 5 books
Alois Carigiet, 4 books
Gardi, René., 4 books
Willi Wottreng, 4 books
Gabriele Stöger, 4 books
Baumann, Walter, 4 books
Hans Glarner, 4 books
Jürg Fierz, 3 books
Fried, Alfred Hermann, 3 books
Knittel, John, 3 books
Irmfried Siedentop, 3 books

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