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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Vhs, 326 books
Wall, 127 books
Abrams, 126 books
Price Stern Sloan Publishing, 89 books
Tortora, 76 books
Miller, 61 books
Lial, 61 books
Judith A. Beecher, 56 books
Mary Hunt, 47 books
VHS, 43 books
Harriet L. Capron, 40 books
Sidelines, 38 books
Kishlansky, 35 books
Solomon, 34 books
Da, 34 books
Marieb, 33 books
Pocket, 30 books
Gitman, 30 books
Terence Johnson, 30 books
Select, 29 books
Sierra Club, 29 books
Ron Larson, 28 books
Waldenbooks, 27 books
Kozier, 25 books
Ama, 25 books


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