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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bert Brunet, 18 books
Alan Bridgewater, 14 books
Penny Swift, 12 books
David Squire, 11 books
Lesley Taylor, 10 books
Heather Luke, 7 books
Ian Sidaway, 7 books
David Biggs, 7 books
Carol Deacon, 7 books
Angela Gair, 7 books
Meena Pathak, 6 books
Rowland Mead, 6 books
Ken Lawson, 6 books
Vivienne Bolton, 6 books
Cheryl Owen, 6 books
Robin Gauldie, 6 books
Alan Whiticker, 6 books
Kathryn Hawkins, 5 books
Globetrotter, 5 books
Chris Coetzee, 5 books
Jan Eaton, 5 books
Ian Collis, 5 books
Lawrence, Mike, 5 books
Mike Lawrence, 5 books
Duncan, Andrew, 5 books

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