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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
George G. Gilman, 55 books
Edgar Rice Burroughs, 27 books
Robert A. Heinlein, 26 books
Guy N. Smith, 22 books
Harold Robbins, 21 books
Lawrence Sanders, 19 books
Stephen King, 19 books
Frank Herbert, 19 books
William Shakespeare, 19 books
Dorothy L. Sayers, 16 books
Alan Dean Foster, 16 books
Barbara Cartland, 15 books
A. J. Cronin, 15 books
James Herbert, 13 books
Irwin Shaw, 12 books
Piers Anthony, 11 books
Peter Høeg, 10 books
Derek Tangye, 8 books
A. E. van Vogt, 7 books
Irving Wallace, 7 books
Alys Clare, 6 books
Mickey Spillane, 6 books
Rosamunde Pilcher, 6 books
Denise Robins, 6 books
Gore Vidal, 6 books


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