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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Hans-Joachim Kraus, 19 books
Hausmann, Manfred, 12 books
Hans Walter Wolff, 11 books
Ingo Baldermann, 10 books
Claudia Filker, 8 books
Bernd Janowski, 8 books
Hanna Schott, 8 books
Rolf Rendtorff, 7 books
Odil Hannes Steck, 6 books
Georg Eichholz, 6 books
Oswald Loretz, 6 books
Manfried Dietrich, 6 books
Winfried Thiel, 5 books
Koch, Klaus, 5 books
Schmidt, Werner H., 5 books
Ulrich Wilckens, 5 books
Noth, Martin, 4 books
Albrecht Gralle, 4 books
Heinz Kremers, 4 books
Hans Jochen Boecker, 4 books
Peter Riede, 4 books
Axel Kühner, 4 books
Andreas Blaschke, 4 books
Stephen Cottrell, 4 books
Lutz Lenz, 3 books

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