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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ulrich H. J. Körtner, 15 books
Werner Zager, 8 books
Rudolf Weth, 7 books
Horst Seebass, 6 books
Peter Bukowski, 6 books
Bernd Janowski, 6 books
Wilfried Eckey, 6 books
Peter Biehl, 6 books
Jean Calvin, 6 books
Ingo Baldermann, 5 books
Peter Biehl, 5 books
Folkert Rickers, 5 books
Michael Welker, 5 books
Rolf Rendtorff, 5 books
Christoph Bizer, 5 books
Koch, Klaus, 4 books
Hans Jochen Boecker, 4 books
Werner H. Schmidt, 4 books
Jürgen Ebach, 4 books
Martin Rösel, 4 books
Ulrike Welker, 4 books
Eberhard Busch, 4 books
Strauss, Hans, 3 books
Claus Westermann, 3 books
Hermann Lichtenberger, 3 books

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