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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Norman Friedman, 37 books
Brian Lavery, 20 books
Robert Gardiner, 20 books
Norman Polmar, 19 books
James E. Wise, 16 books
Thomas J. Cutler, 16 books
Samuel Eliot Morison, 12 books
Conrad Waters, 12 books
Richard R. Hobbs, 10 books
Norman Friedman, 10 books
Lawrence Paterson, 9 books
David R. MacGregor, 9 books
John Jordan, 9 books
Edward Latimer Beach, 8 books
Paul Stillwell, 8 books
Vincent O'Hara, 8 books
Gerhard Koop, 8 books
Wallace E. Tobin, 7 books
James Stavridis, 7 books
M. J. Whitley, 7 books
David Hobbs, 7 books
Terry Howell, 7 books
Greenhill, Basil., 7 books
Dwight R. Messimer, 7 books
Barrett Tillman, 7 books

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