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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Roger Lewis, 22 books
Barry Sloan, 14 books
Sharon Phillips, 13 books
Fiona Clark, 13 books
Jane Ogborn, 11 books
Mary Grover, 11 books
Rob Szczerba, 11 books
Isabelle Fournier, 9 books
John Meed, 9 books
Deborah Clarke, 9 books
Alison Page, 8 books
John Reeves, 6 books
Roger Gomm, 6 books
Tim Burton, 6 books
National Extension College., 5 books
Robert Leach, 5 books
Catherine Hilton, 5 books
Margaret Hyder, 5 books
Pip Hardy, 5 books
Jacky Underwood, 4 books
John Inglis, 4 books
et al, 4 books
Penny Parkinson, 4 books
Brigid Bird, 4 books
Mavis Lloyd, 4 books

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