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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Michael Meyers, 17 books
Curt Simmons, 10 books
Guy Hart-Davis, 10 books
Herbert Schildt, 10 books
Marty Matthews, 8 books
Shon Harris, 6 books
Joseph Phillips, 6 books
James Keogh, 6 books
Dave Johnson, 6 books
Syngress Media, 6 books
Carole Boggs Matthews, 6 books
Kathy Ivens, 6 books
Michael McLaughlin, 6 books
Joel Scambray, 5 books
Rick Broida, 5 books
Brian Culp, 5 books
John Cronan, 5 books
Carole Matthews, 4 books
Mike Shema, 4 books
Catherine Creary, 4 books
Damir Bersinic, 4 books
Steve Shah, 4 books
Richard Petersen, 4 books
Anthony Velte, 4 books
Toby Velte, 4 books


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